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We are a small digital marketing company, specializing in assisting small businesses with digital marketing strategies and solutions. As a small business, we understand the challenges facing small businesses and have a suite of solutions. Our team consists of myself, Kathy Blakey as founder and CEO, as well as several business development consultants.

As a foundation for providing consultative services, I bring over 30 years of extensive business and management experience. In 1990, I began my quest for knowledge at the University of Delaware and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Throughout my career, I have held leadership roles as a Vice President in major banks, managing large marketing budgets. I collaborated closely with business development and marketing teams, overseeing planning, budgeting, analysis and reporting. As a result of this valuable experience, I became well-equipped with a deep understanding of strategic marketing practices and analysis.

During many company projects, my cost-benefit analysis and strategic guidance was instrumental to the success of implementation.  In addition, I provided ongoing analysis to document and communicate performance.  This is why my marketing company is named “Real Digital Results”.  My goal is to recommend real solutions to drive real results.  In my former role of Marketing Expense Management, all marketing spending was required to demonstrate results. 

To enhance my expertise in the field, I returned back to school and obtained a Master’s degree in Marketing from Goldey Beacom College of business in 2014.  However, I longed for the freedom and flexibility offered by being a small business owner. At that time I returned back to real estate and launched a successful career, achieving Top Agent and Quality Service awards 5 years in a row.  I explored and implemented all digital marketing strategies to contribute to this success. I have actively managed all digital marketing initiatives for my real estate business, staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape.

My passion for creativity, building websites and designing marketing campaigns lead to the desire to form my own Digital Marketing Consulting Company. 

Recognizing the importance of staying up-to-date, I pursued extensive industry training in 2022. I am a Certified Digital Marketing Expert and have earned the Professional Certified Marketer (PCM®) in Advanced Digital Marketing from DMI. In addition, I participate in continuing education with the Digital Marketing Institute to remain at the forefront of digital marketing practices.  delivering exceptional results.